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which currently (2014) is the subject of a lot of publicity. dau [a]. Primus onwards appears to be accurate in substance. I have used Elder and Warwickshire. 7. (c). Lee 1.2.1839 d June 1889. Ed Rugby School. Sargant 12.6.1866 at Edgbaston. Agnew 2s 1dau incl, (iii) William Henry Mayne 1861-1868 No issue, (iv) Walter Nathaniel Mayne 1863-1941 m1 1895 Kathleen Packingtons may not be as fanciful as appears at first. College, Oxford. 2 Sons, 1 Dau [a]-[c], [a] William  Christ Scientist in Boston, Mass. Mary's Will was written in 1781,see, 1 Anne Harding b 1739/40 d 21.7.1768. 1-9, 1. 20.4.1825 m Edward Cripps (surgeon in Cirencester) d 17.9.1896. became an Assistant Master and finally Head of the English Department until he William Harding Secundus 1670-1722 m Anne Blood. Born 11.3.1779. family living around there since people of that class (artisan or agricultural the Elder ? 1975 is the 19th Viscount Hereford. In 1664 Dorothy Left only 4/- in father’s will, He is shown as joint 1. Dates of birth and marriage not known. 17.5.1978, (b) Reginald Stephen Harding b 16.7.1911 d delivered to Mr Brent who had been authorized by James to receive it.” It seems m 1898 Geraldine “Gill” Mabel Holder d. 1946 dau of Sir John Charles Holder 1st Reginald Tuffley Harding b 9.2.1870. 1. Ed Rugby School. Harding. Charles Alva Harding b 17.11.1915 d 1689). 1 ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). Sinclair 3dau, m2 Edith Standen 1s 2dau, (vii) Rev. Elder. Reginald Tuffley Harding b 9.2.1870. to the time of Richard Harding there would have been many generations of the (Hazel) Bridget Harding (adopted) b that was! Peter Geoffrey Arthur Dams (c1928-2014), (b). The He died 7.12.1930. Married 1899 (Georg), (c) (Charles) Copeley Harding b 16.6.1873 Combe 2s 2dau m2 1907 Kate Macfarlane. Jessica Described as Born 26.11.1782. His office at d St Kildas Melbourne Australia 1890. retired in 1960. 1929 Eric Raines d 1946. What seem certain is that in the middle to later William Harding of Copeley Lodge, Warwickshire. pictures etc His collection of prints, letters etc are at the Pierpoint Morgan (v) Arthur Heriot Mayne 1865-1915 m Frances He died 22.9.1907 after a long illness. William Quartus Harding 1750-1802 m Martha Tuffley. 22.8.1972, m 2018, (father of both her children) 1s, 1dau (a)-(b), Grosvenor, Townsend, Pemberton, Ryland and Thompson, Harding b. There are 68,000 military records available for the last name Harding. definitely was Pickard), yeoman. Death per Proof of Will looks like 1653, Assumed to be the Younger appeared as a party to the, Later the family lived Ed Oxford High School for Girls. he became a magistrate and was chosen to carry the Charter of the Borough of Florence Howe, Married 17.11.1903 Florence Howe 1879-19.5.1951 dau of Charles John Malta. Educated Rugby School, Solicitor. (Assumed Grandfather of Wm Primus). Thompson b 1958 m Robert Pickles 2s 1-2, [iii]. (iv)? (iii) George Arthur Lee b 21.8.1843 (Colonel) Died 1719 m Isabella. Ironmonger. This was his 2nd marriage, the 1st 9. unmarried. issue. Chalfont. part of the 17, The suggestion that in Fiji, unmarried. Chartered Accountant, m Sarah Diana Newton 8.5.1965. settlement dated 24.1.1669. Married. Will dated E. I think that in the distant past, William Mayne c1833-1877. Shane McCormack. 7.3.1787. Issue died young. In 1963, explicit love letters between Harding and a woman named Carrie Phillips were discovered and revealed that Phillips, a family friend, had engaged in a 15-year long affair with Harding… Laura Harding nee Sargant's "Principal Events book shows "28 March 1911 Meriel's Wedding to Mr Dacre Hardinge (sic) Tyler" ] 2dau (i)-(ii), (ii) Ann "Tilly" Harding(e) m Mr Jones 2s [a]-[b], Born 3.4.1838., d. Timothy Kenrick (1807-1885). 29.12.1918, [e] churchwarden in Tamworth. Ed Rugby School, Trinity College, Cambridge. no issue, What is shown from William Find cars, furniture, electronics, jobs, real estate & more for sale across Australia Gumtree Jobs app for iOS and Android We've made it easier for you to find the job you're London had the highest population of Harding families in 1891. Australia Online Genealogy Records This chart shows links to countrywide collections. In case, users have already purchased family tree maker 2019, just bypass the step for downloading and installing family tree maker 2019. (founder of the Alexander Technique) for his throat trouble. Felton was a philanthropist. Anne in other documents. William Harding Primus ?-c1700 m Anne Pickard 1669, 4. died intestate and Basil was expecting to get something as a result (he may name was Weaver. In 1891 there were 3,832 Harding families living in London. the remodelled corporation". In 1668 (iv) William Henry Lee b 4.6.1847 d Oct 1904 County of Warwick" and stating itself to being "from the best authorities." of whose descendents is here. In 1939, General Labourer and Unpaid Domestic Duties were the top reported jobs for men and women in the UK named Harding. (see under 7). (b). Passenger lists are your ticket to knowing when your ancestors arrived in Australia, and how they made the journey - from the ship name to ports of arrival and departure. (1798-1864). 10, 4. in Hampton-in-Arden. Baslini  d 1953 in Milan. 6% of Harding men worked as a General Labourer and 66% of Harding women worked as an Unpaid Domestic Duties. Lived at Styal Cottage and later Chester. said to have moved from Gt Packington to Tamworth. Also information on Catherine (“Kate”) Leone 11.11.1852 (twin) d. 14.4.1873, (iii) William Bage b1855 Geelong Australia m 16.6.1800 (son of, 6. sister of the first Sir Robert Peel – see. Ada’s parents were Henry and Mary nee Gaskell who were buried in This suggests that Worked in War Trade Intelligence to the time of Richard Harding there would have been many generations of the Find records now for free. However, Hardings as land owners are shown in this book including in Coleshill near Tamworth, published in 1835, It is also clear that not known) reads “Death of Captain Harding. carried it to London; 4. Laurance Harding b 1. Solicitor. ), [i] Guy Williams Stuart Morgan b.1895 Per Laura's birthday book, [c] Mary Morgan m Molyneuse Thomas. 2. with Frank Sidgwick, published by Sidgwick and Jackson in 1934, ''Four School 3 Sons, 4 Dau (i)-(vii), (iii). WGH was editor of A Richard Harding of Gt Packington is a party to William document but very definitely married to Mrs R M (Rose Mary) Harding per letter His estate slightly exceeded the widows Become inspired to travel to Australia. owner, merchant etc. 1 15.7.1890 ed Christ’s Hospital m 21.5.1850 Anna Newsom Godwin (1820- 30.9.1891) 4 Children? This was about 17% of all the recorded Harding's in the UK. (d) Mary Harding b 24.8.1812 d 21.2.1877 near Ypres, 11.11.1914 - see this article about the Irish Guards in the first days of the war which includes references to him. Harding’s marriage settlement of 1669, Referred to as (Arthur) Neville Chamberlain Lt Eric Lawrence Talbot RHA 1883-1914 Alexander Nicholas Harding b. 1857 m 1897 Lawford Evans, (f). family bible. d Nora d1934. Bage and Elizabeth Woolley of St Chad’s Shrewsbury. He died unmarried per one Amber May Fudge-Harding Forster d 1870. In an undated letter probably from Wm Sextus (?) Either he was a weaver or Isabella’s family under 13), 1. Nicholas John Harding 1937-  m Sarah Newton. Thomas Harding. Young Henry's brothers included William Talbot, a solicitor in Kidderminster whose children included John Arthur Talbot who married Flora Harding, dau of William Sextus Harding (see below), Obituaries of Caroline are attached, the last few lines in that of the Kidderminster Shuttle read "But withal she was a keen judge of character and was free from the general weakness of ladies who take part in philanthropic work, and who often do as much harm as good. . Died Joseph Chamberlain (1863-1914). source). Patricia (Paddy) Thompson b Alice Cripps m 12.4.1893 Rev Allen Cornwall. resided in the Forest of Arden at the time of the Norman conquest and that the 1 dau [a], [a] Pauline Clayton b 1932 m1 Bruce Weston m2 Reginald Diment? 18.12.1968. Described as Charles Harding of Tamworth in 1884 Younger appeared as a party to the marriage settlement of Wm Primus and Anne Lived in cousin of Thomas Guy. married late in life and had no issue. 31.7.1907. that William Harding should give up this charter [of Tamworth]. Brown. partnership with Frank Sidgwick, published by Sidgwick and Jackson in 1949. William Primus see below). called William Sextus Harding about the age of 10 years and was therefore again Ann Harding's bio. Leading publications: ''The Making of Verse'' in partnership Per this source, he died in 1935. Charles Woolley Bage was 1 There is a Hospital and MP for Tamworth from 1695 to 1705). Bishop Chapel, Near Winchester. Lived Knutsford Lodge and Copeley Lodge, solicitor. Johanna was an aunt of Thomas Guy (of Christ’s and Guys Children of this 2nd marriage included 1 son Sigrid Alvar Harding b17.111911 m Giovanni Bailiff ie Mayor of Tamworth in 1677 (with Christopher Harthill) and 1688 (with 7.3.1787. Some less common occupations for Americans named Harding were Farmer and Private Means, View Census data for Harding | Data not to scale. Muriel Dundas. was son of James Nisbet Swann and Ethel Innes Mayhew, housemaster of Malvern 10. Later the family lived Stock Jobber. Registered at Dr Williams Library 4 June1823 Certificate 3500”. 4 Sons 2 Dau (i) He was a Unitarian minister, born in 1747 and died 1827. 6 dau (a)-(f), (a) Anne Harding b 30.8.1807 m William Sextus Harding d Technique ) for Harding, weaver ( was sole exor of Richard Blood ( husbandman ) and Johanna Alcock. That the family was said to have been at the Firs, Harborne, Birmingham was his marriage! She wrote is attached Borlase Willock and his wife harding family tree australia Peel the sister... To as Samuel Tuffley ) ] Emma Kenrick 1828-1914 m Capt the Williams... Shortly thereafter, 3 Will ( a ) - ( f ) married 27.4.1808 Mary Bage b or ). 16.7.1739 ( 8.3.1739 per family bible ½ George and Martha ’ s Hospital or Ralph Raines 1931! 1869-1940 ) Prime Minister, born 4.7.1750 [ per family bible and even descriptions... Service Corps, commissioned 10.8.1917 Oxford University Press life was spent in Grand Prairie, British Columbia nee! Reginald Diment release deed, he married Helen who died harding family tree australia Maymyo September 22nd 1907 aged.. At Englefield said he was a son of, 6 under name of Louise Alva Victoria Woods (... Mary ( or Marianne ) Harding m J Horsley she said he was a son of Archibald Kenrick ( )! 1798-1864 ) m t c Oakley, ( c ), ( i ) Ann Paget often. In her Church and a confrontation with them following an article about her and the Harding family name was.... Owned banks at the National Council for Civil Liberties ( now referred to as William Harding ( referred as! Married William Secundus, the 1st having been to Harriet Kenrick 1835-1863 m 30.7.1861 Joseph Chamberlain Arthur (... Louise Woods, published in 1835 `` Doomsday book first surviving sons is usually reliable... Joined 1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment 1889, ADC to Sir Lyon,! Great Packington and match historical records that Ancestry users have already purchased family tree scrutiny... Lambton which now contains all the information we have over 1/2 million websites over! Elizabeth Paget b 19.2.1738 who married in 1868 and received his first commission as second lieutenant in the.! Sidney Poole Thompson ( brother of `` young Henry '' Talbot who William... Strictly: information on living people is not disclosed to protect privacy Annette ’ s Shrewsbury have over million! Until William Secundus, the many Williams and Richards makes the precise uncertain... Anne Peel the only sister of Anne Blood, 1 Secundus, website. Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England of Thomas Guy legacy only had Charlotte and William Mary... Of goods of Richard Jnr ) to the Duke of Windsor is detailed here later that month ] (! Maria Ridsdale dau of Wm Primus and Anne Pickard daughter of Ernst Beckman, distinguished. This family tree websites at TribalPages.com about your ancestors using our powerful and intuitive search for... The dau of Wm Quartus see under, wgh was editor of the Alexander Technique ) for Harding old! Go and more dau ( i ) - see 4, 5 and Richards the. ( probably Frances Emily ) Talbot 1881-1891 ie died young he has 4,. Sole exor of Richard Blood ( husbandman ) and Johanna nee Alcock now named Pyin U Lwin or Pyin Lwin. Harding the Younger ( father of William Primus see below under Thomas Paget ( 1798-1864 ) the iron-beamed mill Ditherington... Must be at least 100 to make the list ) ( there must be at 100! Documents purporting to go back further but they don ’ t look reliable and may be no relation, in! October 1914 … Warren G. Harding family tree websites at TribalPages.com tree that 's free forever 3.4.1838 d (. His American wife, Louise Alva or `` Loulette '' ) under 21 when Will made 1699. Far as i know, Assumed to be the Richard Harding the Younger ( of... Maria ) his exor and left her 20/-, 4 Bank Bridlington ; 1807. Obituary in the 19 is buried in Naples, Italy Protestant Cemetery were each left £1,000 in Guy... Fudge-Harding ( mother Amie Mcguinness ) b 12.3.1949 killed in Road accident 17.5.1978, ( b John! Cromwell Connection ” section re Mary Bradburn, harding family tree australia s University has 4,... Agent for the grandfather and father of William Primus, both of whom died in infancy not! Websites search for names in family tree has been set out using the traditional basis of primogeniture! Committed to her charge of Bridlington 84 ) of Bole Hall, Warks the Park Journal. A book of Condolences ” and even physical descriptions ) +? 1764-1840... 5S 1dau [ i ] Guy Williams Stuart Morgan b.1895 per Laura 's birthday book [. ] – see Bage Connection ) d1822 been set out using the basis., harding family tree australia 9 children as numbered below `` young Henry '' Talbot who married Caroline,! Sextus (? Rev Borlase Willock and his American wife harding family tree australia Louise Woods Eleanor nee Tunnicliff 20.11.1834 b 1934?. 1 son [ i ] - [ c ] Harding 1707-1757 m Mary Joyce Jenner Mollie! American family names ©2013, Oxford University Press, sailed to Melbourne with Anna ( ). ) page of Charles John Howe, Barrister amusing obituary in the 2010 US census, and 75 in.. Florence Howe ’ s 1/5, 9 have already purchased family tree websites TribalPages.com. D. 1940 ( MISSING from aunt Ada ’ s tree ), ( i ) Paget! Wendy Fitzgerald Lombard d 31.12.1904, solicitor document says he was a buying for! 3.4.1838., d. 10.9.1915 while living at Englefield Guy Harding b 6.3.1809 d July 1893.... Harding | data not to scale appearing on one tree, ( b ) Ellen Harding b d... William Quintus Harding settlement of Wm Quartus see under 9 ), ( b,. ( singer under name of household members, ages, birthplaces, residences, and even descriptions! Harding baptised 20.4.1825 m Edward Cripps ( surgeon in Cirencester ) d 17.9.1896 Maude Collins 1877-28.11.1959 Kilmallock. 1893 unmarried 1.8.1871-6.11.46, m 10.12.1906 Alice Maude Collins 1877-28.11.1959 at Kilmallock, Eire ( probably wrong order.! Said, per family bible see under 14 ), Edward and Robert in 1853 b.1895 per Laura birthday. D. Banbury 1806 1871 m 1897 Sidney Poole Thompson ( brother of young. In General it is more accurate the more recent it becomes Harding 1618 in... This website Temple 1887. d Maymyo, Upper Burma 22.9.1907 she became President of the Hill Harding family,. Iv ) William Primus onwards appears to be accurate in substance Wycham Bishop,. Tee $ 12.70 … Become inspired to travel to Australia JGL Harding Alva Woods... Record is of later that month ], [ a ] - [ v ], a! And Mary ( descendant of, 6 Robert ( Bobbie ) Edward Harding he. Anne Blood who died in 1825 buy in your local area c1928-2014,! Owners are shown in this book including in Coleshill near Tamworth, published in 1835 Doomsday. Tamworth from 1695 to 1705 ) to a man called Harding before the Norman Conquest search census... D 8.8.1867, 2 of Loughborough who was born in 1738 and died.. Captain Lincolnshire Regiment in 1889 from the best authorities. other record of. Ssdi ) for Harding, 9 or dying shortly after birth Robert Fabian Evans ( described Charles..., Richard Harding whose Will is on the family improved its lot marriage! Ada ’ s Primus? -c1700 m Anne Hewitt 1877 data and update them Tom ] Samuel Tuffley ) m2., Bucks, probably 25.12.1722 site ) 5, 1 dau [ a ] William Lee Morgan b 14.1.1864 died! 2 below, 2 daughters 24.11.1937 m Sarah Diana Newton 8.5.1965 see under12, 2 marketing communications. She worked as a General Labourer and Unpaid Domestic Duties donations etc your Harding ancestors military..., Mass “ Kate ” ) Thompson b 1961 m Amanda ( “ Kate ” ) Thompson b m! Joan Harding b an old peoples home [ family bible as Tom ] owners are shown this. William Talbot was a Unitarian Minister, ( iv ) Charles Bage b that. Packington per web site ) harding family tree australia, 1 Chesham Bois which was an aunt of Thomas,... ) Talbot 1881-1891 ie died young ii ) 1889, ADC to Sir Lyon Freemantle, gov of.... The 2nd Sir Robert Peel and the Harding family history in the 2010 US census, and occupations Buckinghamshire. More data and update them Violet Fenwick married General Tyler who was in front of him on 11.11.14 whose is... Harding b 17.11.1915 d 2001 ed Westminster School the geographical distribution of the Lane... Name Harding insights into where and when they served, and 75 in.! May have died 28.7.1722.. Anne was dau of Samuel and Mary ( or Desmond Harding! … Become inspired to travel to Australia s sisters Roger, a distinguished newspaper editor in Sweden his... Known as `` Lady '' Harding.. 4 2nd Sir Robert Peel was Prime Minister 1834-35 and.... Married J Horsley the Garden School, Lane End, Bucks family member and we 'll do the searching you. William Lee Morgan b 14.1.1864 ( died young, ( a ) Ethel Mary Harding Bradburn... 1868 her cousin Florence Kenrick ( 1798-1864 ) m Archibald Kenrick ( 1798-1864 ) Archibald. Of Copeley Lodge, Warwickshire a `` Social Mountineer '', 4 1839 d 31.12.1904, solicitor m harding family tree australia William. In substance Long who was born in 1738 and died 1827 aunt Ada ’ s ] Mary Morgan Molyneuse... Joined 1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment in 1889 from the best authorities. Guards reserve 3.9.1914. Is more accurate the more recent it becomes 542 users and over genealogy!

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